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Should I Rent An Apartment Or A Townhouse in Indianapolis?

November 05, 2020

Exterior apartment building in Indianapolis

You made the decision where you should rent your next place. Still, now you have the next daunting problem: should you rent an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis?

While you can discover a roomy two-bedroom or a 3-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis, don’t overlook the privacy a townhouse brings. A townhouse in Indianapolis is usually guaranteed to use separate front porches, a personal garage, and two to three stories. But those benefits many times come with higher rent.

Here are a few key considerations to debate so you can make the best decision.

Townhouses Normally Cost More To Rent Than Apartments

Exterior view of a Indianapolis apartment.

While there’s not any hard and fast rules for rents, townhomes will usually be higher per month. With a townhome, you normally get a small yard plot in both the front and back along with a connected garage. Townhomes also are set up with a two- or three-story floor plan.

On the other hand, there are many apartments side by side within a single building. Your unit may sport an outside patio or terrace, but there’s not a private entrance. Those townhome benefits of a garage, yard, and distance from neighbors might come with a larger monthly rent. 

Get Multiple Floors With A Townhome 

Space considerations use the same standard when looking at an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis. For example, 600 sq ft is 600 sq ft in either option. And it's not uncommon to discover some apartments that have more floor space than the townhouse option. But, apartments will usually have a one-story plan. In contrast, a townhouse will give you either 2 or 3 floors.

The discrete floors give you increased privacy and no upstairs neighbors. With multiple levels, it can be easy to determine what is your living level and what’s your quiet level. For example, you can hang out downstairs after the early birds go to bed on the upper floor. And if you’re working from home, you can put together an office space on the main floor while your upstairs becomes a work-free zone.

Both Can Use All The Complex Amenities

Laundry room in a Indianapolis townhome.

Townhomes are going to come with washer and dryer hookups. Some apartments could also have a place for hookups like their townhome siblings. Other apartments come with a washer and dryer already installed, or else you’ll have community laundry rooms instead. Your townhouse may also have bigger closets and has a better chance for architectural details like a a breakfast nook.

Apartment complex amenities come included with whatever type you decide on. You'll get access to the clubhouse, workcenter, and everything else the overall community has to offer. And rest assured, every living unit gets maintenance services and kitchen appliances, too.

Privacy Can Be the Deciding Factor On Townhouse Vs. Apartment in Indianapolis

Indianapolis townhomes with separate entrances.

Shared hallways are an ordinary part of apartment living. While this can be a easy way to see your neighbors, you may want to circumvent the trouble of a common entryway. Townhouses are individual units comparable to a traditional house and may even have private backyard spaces, allowing you to do meet and greets on your own terms.

Both apartments and townhouses feature common walls, but a lot of apartments share a floor, ceiling, or both. You'll want to be more conscious about noise levels when you’re in an apartment. The lack of noise from ceilings and floors in a townhome could also be a more pet-friendly choice.

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