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Maximize Counter Space By Using Compact Kitchen Appliances For Indianapolis Apartment Kitchens

July 27, 2021
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Even open apartment layouts may be tight on kitchen counter area. To free up extra surface area, buy yourself smart compact kitchen appliances for your Indianapolis apartment. Small-form kitchen appliances take up far less surface area thanks to their size or construction or perform the functions of many kitchen utensils. Whether you’re a budding chef or amateur chef, compact kitchen appliances do help you serve up delectable food without crowding your counters and cupboards. Getting The Most From Your Apartment Kitchen Your apartment kitchen may feel a small bit cramped, but you can still prepare all of your favorite dishes. You simply need to be more conscious of how you use your kitchen. Apartment kitchen layouts include all of your standard appliances and as much storage and surface space as possible. By taking advantage of some compact kitchen appliances, you can make the best of your kitchen space and cook some delectable treats.

Save Counter Space in Indianapolis With Compact Kitchen Apartment Appliances

Likely the most crucial but bulky appliances in Indianapolis kitchens is the microwave. If your apartment doesn’t come equipped with a built-in microwave, find a small countertop model with a compact construction. Mini microwaves will still warm up leftovers and pop popcorn without hogging all of your counter space.

Another compact kitchen appliance for Indianapolis apartments is a modest coffee maker. Many brands offer trim models for narrow kitchens. A mini Keurig will fit nearly anywhere and brews you a single drink to match anything from your nearby eateries. If you do must have a full-size coffee brewer, pick out a model with a square shape and slim profile that will fit neatly by the wall.

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Change Out Boxy Kitchen Appliances With Smaller Substitutes

If you cannot find a compact kitchen appliance for your Indianapolis apartment, you may have luck with another smaller utensil that will do the same job. For apartment-dwelling bakers, you can replace the huge stand mixer that takes up most of your counter for a hand mixer that slides in a drawer. Personal smoothie and immersion blenders craft healthy beverages like regular blenders can should you need a refreshment after exercising or swim. And a thin mandolin gives you uniformly cut veggies when a food processor is too bulky. With these replacements, you can serve all of your signature dishes without crowding your kitchen.

Cut Down On Kitchen Clutter With Multipurpose Appliances

When you lack kitchen storage options, you should lower the number of cooking appliances you own. Opting for a food processor and blender combo gets the job done by joining the functions of two tools into one. These devices have a lone base and interchangeable cups with the appropriate blades. This spares you the counter space of two bulky appliance bases, and you are free to make a protein shake or chop veggies in no time.

Odds are, no kitchen tool does more than a new pressure cooker, like an Instapot. Most makes are a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and more. Slow cookers are available in various sizes if you’re feeding for company or just you and your significant other. You can easily prepare your main meal or a side dish Inside and still have room on the counter to make other foods.

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