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How To Reduce Noise In Your Apartment In Indianapolis

May 10, 2023

Building friendships with fellow Residents is a fantastic way to make yourself feel at home within your apartment community. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by being respectful and limiting the amount of sound coming from your apartment. Here are some easy ideas on how to reduce noise in your apartment in Indianapolis and a couple thoughts for handling a loud neighbor.

Utilize Area Rugs As Apartment Noise Reduction Solutions In Indianapolis

Stylish apartment living room with large area rugWhile it’s tempting to concentrate on the sound penetrating through your walls, it’s a good idea to consider the floor first. High heels or hard-sole shoes on hardwood or other uncarpeted floors may be incredibly loud. Be courteous and muffle those noisy footsteps with an area rug. You could use a separate pad underneath and decrease noise even more. Rugs are fantastic apartment noise reduction solutions in Indianapolis, and they come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your specific floor plan and style.

Wall Art Is A Creative Way To Reduce Noise At Your Apartment In Indianapolis

Relaxing apartment living room with decorative wall artYour artistic flair and feel for interior design can surprisingly help you lessen noise at your apartment in Indianapolis. The big canvas painting you adore is great for a common wall as it will help break up sound both exiting and entering your apartment. Other ideas you could consider include fabric adornments and foam pieces. Get creative and enjoy the added advantage of noise reduction.

Moreover, noise-canceling panels are a clever option and well-matched for spaces like laundry rooms where you’re not as worried about aesthetics. Your laundry appliances will produce a lot of noise. These acoustic tiles will help reduce it.

Consider The Placement Of Your Television And Speakers

Living area with entertainment center, large sofa, and area rugYou love the deep, crisp tones coming from your stereo system, but those who live nearby might not be quite as pleased. Be thoughtful of the location in which the noise is directed. If you can, refrain from pointing speakers toward the unit below you or at a wall you share. Of course, keeping the audio at a sensible level at night isn’t a bad idea either. If you’re longing for some loud music or a in-person concert, check out some of the fantastic entertainment options in your region instead.

Suggestions For Coping With A Noisy Neighbor

Guest bedroom with dresser and large window.You now have options on how to reduce noise in your apartment in Indianapolis, but what should you do about a noisy neighbor? Here are some tips to help decrease the noise passing into your apartment.

  • Inspect your windows and doors.These access points also serve as spots for sound to get through. Check the weather stripping and search for obvious openings. If it needs to be attended to, talk with your service staff or find out if you are able to update it yourself. Utilize denser curtains on windows and a door sweep below your front door to help lessen external noise.
  • Muffle the noise at your shared wall. Heavier pieces of furniture might help reduce noise entering through a shared wall. Sizable dressers and bookcases are smart choices.
  • Avoid a confrontational approach. It could get to a point where you will need to speak with your neighbor. Opting for kindness instead of hostility is usually a preferred and more constructive strategy.
  • Inform the office about the problem. Whenever noise becomes a consistent problem, please inform property management. The office staff will look into the situation and offer you a solution without a face-to-face confrontation.

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