Pet-Friendly Apartment Living in Indianapolis

Indianapolis cat friendly apartment

At The Waverley Apartments, we know that your cat isn’t just a pet–it’s a member of your family. That’s why The Waverley is proud to welcome cats along with our Indianapolis Residents. At the current time, we are not able to allow any pets other than cats.
  • Generous floor plans, so you always have room for your pet bed or crate.

  • A good neighborhood. The Waverley prides itself on being one of the most vibrant, hospitable, and secure neighborhoods in Indianapolis, and that goes for our canine Residents as well.

Remember that while The Waverley is more than happy to provide a home for pet-owners in Indianapolis, we expect all pet owners to show courtesy to their neighbors and take care of any messes made by pets and adhere to any and all community guidelines.

Extra fees apply for pet-owning Residents. The Waverley Apartments enforces a 2-pet limit per unit.

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